CrossFit Lodestar

Inspiring Community Through Fitness & Faith

lode·​star | \ˈlōd-ˌstär \

1. A star that leads or guides
2. One that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide

The Lodestar Way

We seek to inspire you to meet your full potential as an athlete with experienced trainers that encourage, support, and guide you through your fitness journey. Offering an elite level of training to all who come through our doors, we devote time to individual attention that meets you where you are, whatever your level of fitness and experience. We strive to create a program designed to entertain and challenge at every level: Helping the novice step up into new levels of challenge and the elite breakthrough to best their existing PR. A key component to the Lodestar way is group workouts. We all push ourselves more when someone else is looking or just when we are doing the same thing as someone else. Whether it’s for competitiveness or camaraderie: workouts are better together. You can encourage each other, literally give a helping hand, learn from each other and ultimately inspire each other to do better.

We love to partner with people in their fitness and to progress with them through transformation. Our vision is to create an atmosphere that is relaxed enough to acknowledge that we are works in progress with unmet potential and room to improve but exacting enough to expect you to bring your best effort. We aim to keep it real: getting stronger is hard work and it takes intentional goal-oriented effort that is at least uncomfortable if not painful at times, but the gains in strength, speed and stamina are worth it! The improvements in body mind and heart are noticeable to you, your neighbors and your family. We witness and experience daily the feedforward momentum of wellness from strong body to peaceful heart and clear mind that is transformational. Let us inspire you to believe as we do: we all have an innate ability not only to change but to achieve great things!

Individual attention in group and one on one settings to identify your unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Directed teaching focusing you towards looking inside to find the motivation to pursue and ultimately to meet your full athletic potential. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the infrastructure of the journey towards better fitness and ultimately abundant life. You will find us seeking and sharing resources through our blog on any number of questions where the rubber meets the road, like:

  • How do I finally do double-unders?
  • How do I stretch properly?
  • What is good nutrition for wellness and for building muscle?
  • How do I lose weight?
  • How do I make change sustainable?

Our trainers are dedicated to leading you through your time in the gym/box. They aim to equip you as a member with:

  • a strong foundation of training in Olympic lifting and functional movement
  • a method of building strength and fitness
  • a structure for wellness of body, heart and mind

The essence of CrossFit in Lexington is a program of workouts designed to empower day to day life through weighted and unweighted functional movements. Functional movements are those bends, squats, reaches and presses that you engage in everyday: working on your car, putting boxes away in the attic, playing sports, carrying your child, loading groceries, carrying laundry, or doing yardwork. The purpose of the Olympic lifts, the AMRAPs, the TABATA challenges, the chippers and the fast and furious workouts are all to make you better at everyday activities by improving your strength, speed, agility and stamina.

  • 25% of our net profits will go to our like-minded community partners; to put wind in the sails of their ministries.


Romans 12: 1: Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God-this is your true and proper worship.

So what do you do with this newfound strength, agility, speed endurance, and energy? Give it away – leverage it to help others! That’s our vision: to empower not only the athlete / regular “Joe” (and ‘Josette’) to become stronger, faster and more agile, but to connect needs in the community with resources of people blessed with health and strength. We actively seek opportunities to serve individuals in the community and will share these with our members with the aim to leverage our collective ability to meet these needs.

Galatians 5:13:  You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather serve one another humbly in love

The First is La Vie,  they are a Christ-centered organization who work with women who are pregnant and the options that are before them.

The Second is Midlands Fatherhood Coalition-Lexington: Midlands Fatherhood Coalition strengthens families through fatherhood engagement. Our program supports and teaches men to acknowledge their responsibility while providing trusted, missing links between fathers and beneficial professionals and resources. This organization provides a learning platform for fathers to become Daddy’s.

The Third Group we hope will be Lighthouse for Life, who lead in this community as a beacon on the hill for those trapped in trafficking.


David Walker
David Walker Owner & Coach CFL 1
Luke Mize
Luke MizeProgramer & CFL 1


To Lead and to Serve as an inspiration in our community as a home for elite fitness and as a helping hand to those in need who are looking to stand and engage in the adventure of Life. To Serve those with a hope of tomorrow.